Monday, March 28, 2011

The Weekend Recap

We are the kind of people who live for the weekend. It just can't get here fast enough. Even though it ended up storming most of the day on Saturday, it turned out to be a really fun time. On Friday Sam and I went on our "date night" we picked up some Cafe Rio and headed home to eat it. ( I am such a homebody and I would so much rather eat at home than in a restaurant--especially if I don't have to cook) We wanted to go see "Limitless" on Friday, but by the time we go done eating both of us were so tired we just stayed home and watched T.V. It turned out to be one of my favorite date night. I love it when everything is easy and chill. If I would have met myself today when I was 17, I would think I am the most boring girl ever!! Its sad-- but it works for me. :)

On Saturday Sam headed to Brian Head with his friends Colby and Chris. He bought chains for his truck so he could keep his promise to me and never hitch hike again.- That's a whole other story--- one I really do not want to live or tell again. Sam just loves being outside and enjoying whatever season it is. He is a lot happier and better to be around when he gets his boarding "fix" in-- so I am all for it.

Saturday for me was much different than Sam's Saturday.  McKall had a dance competition here in St. George on Saturday. My mom was dying to run, so I met her there in my running clothes so we could go run after the competition. McKall did such a great job. She is so good at smiling and doing facials. She really tries hard and you can see that. I am so proud of the progress she has made. Good Job McKallie!!

While we are at the competition Staelie was so funny. She was captivated by the dancers. She would just stare while they performed. When the music would come on she was start dancing and following what the dancers were doing--- at first she didn't notice she was doing it, but after me and Kate started watching her and laughing she got embarrassed. It was so cute. I think she may be another little dancer at heart. Poor Stockden. He doesn't really know what do with all of these girls. He was so wild at the competition. He is so busy and wants to keep moving and running everywhere. At one point he just started running circles around Staelie. Hahah He kind of reminds me of Gator-- Gator does that exact same thing when he gets too much energy built up. Finally he let me give him a piggy back ride--- he was only happy there for just a second but at least for that second he wasn't running into everyone around us. I guess it was a glimpse at what it would be like to have kids-- and my word I am not ready for that. By the time we left I was EXHAUSTED!! I have no idea how Aly does it-- but I give her props.

Since is was so stormy we didn't get to go run outside. My mom was so bummed, so I took her to my gym and we ran for a little while on the treadmill. She is a mad woman--- she was seriously hauling ass on that thing. Hahaha I now  know where I get my working out obsession from. Me and my mom hung out for most of  the day. She is really one of my best friends. I can slowly see myself turning into her. Kate took a picture of me with Stock at the competition and everyone thought I looked like Mom. I am so blessed to have such a great mom! I really talk to her about everything. I love being able to spend time with her.

Ms. Staelie lost her front tooth!
She was loving the dancers!

I told Stockden to show me his teeth this is what he did
He did not want to smile.

Jent wouldn't let me take her picture

Lately I have been so self centered and trying to figure out my life.  I am really trying to figure out what I want to do with my life-- career wise. I have never read so many self-help/motivational/be happier books in my whole life. I am sure the woman at the library that helped check me out thinks I am super depressed and directionless-- which I guess is partially true. I did however, find this one book that I think was written for me, its called "Wake Up to a Happier Life" it was written by a woman named Amanda Dickson. She is a radio DJ and I guess she has won some awards for her morning show in Salt Lake. She went to school to be a lawyer and ended up hating it, she was miserable and so her whole life felt miserable.-- Hating law-- now there's something I can REALLY relate to.  I am only about 50 pages in, but so far I am really loving it. I am really trying to gain some insight into what career would really make me happy. I really don't want to dread work everyday-- like I do now. I am feeling very optimistic that something will give and I will find the direction I am suppose to go, but any suggestions would be appreciated :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our New Family Blog

Yup... finally we got a blog. I have had a blog of my own for a while, but its really just more like a personal journal. So, I am so excited to have this blog so I can share whats going on with Sam and I.

Lately, Sam has been going snowboarding a lot. He has seriously gone every weekend and every day he has off. Well, luckily for him one of the last times he went, Brian Head was having a contest or game of some kind- anyways Sam won a season pass to Brian Head for the rest of this year and all of next year. He is SOO excited! He is seriously the luckiest boy I know! He wins EVERYTHING!!!

While Sam is off snow boarding me and Gator have been holding down the fort at home. We have started running again and I think both of us really needed to get out there again. Gator has decided that I am ok now- before he really only loved Sam. I guess that since he has been stuck with me so much he has decided he doesn't really have choice, plus I give him lots of treats. I am not below bribing. :)

I have been working a lot. Same old stuff there. Being a paralegal is really tedious and takes a lot of patients. I am really happy to have a job- and one that I can be proud of. So, in that respect its good. I have been running quite a few races with my mom lately. It has been so good to have something to prepare for, otherwise I slack off on running. We have run pretty fast-- for us I mean-- and we have both been pretty happy about the races. I really want to keep doing some shorter races. I became a marathon snob for a while and I would only run marathons. I learned that I am missing out on a lot of really fun races-- and my body hated me for doing so many marathons. Running shorter distance races really makes it so you have fun and enjoy running, but you still feel like you get a good work out and you don't have to worry about packing around Gu and all the supplies you need when you run a marathon. Its really the best of both worlds.

I have also started walking with my friends. It has been so fun to reconnect with them. I didn't realize how much I missed just talking to my friends and catching up. I really hope that we can keep up our new tradition!

I am really going to try to post once a week-- wish me luck!