Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weighing on me

Ok, here's the fair warning I'm on a tangent- and anyone that knows me, knows how this goes. So don't say I didn't warn you.

I have so serious issues with weight. I realize that. I am working on that and dealing with it, in my own way. I absolutely hate when people discount how much you can struggle with weight if you haven't lost 100 pounds or if you don't have a hundred pounds to lose. People think that if you don't look extremely overweight or underweight that you can't possibly know what its like to struggle with weight issues. Well, let me tell you, you can. I don't claim to know what people that are morbidly obese are going through, but I do know what its like to be unhappy with your body or your weight and to struggle with changing it. I also know what its like to feel less than good enough because I know there is weight to lose, whether that extra weight is 20 pounds or 200 pounds it still feels heavy to the weight bearer.

I know that everyone fights an internal battle everyday and that one battle isn't harder or worse that someone else's- its just unique to them. I am so tired of talking to people and sharing stories of weight loss success or struggle and having my story or my situation discounted or mocked because I am not trying to lose 100 pounds. I applaud those people who loose a lot of weight or that work really hard to never have to loose weight. I also know, more than I wish I did, that when you feel unhappy no matter what the number the battle is emotional and difficult- and as unique as there are people in the world.

I have been working really hard lately and really pushing myself to get back into shape. I like exercises and I like feeling healthy and lean. I haven't been very good for the past little while and I am severely paying for it- in my eyes. I work with a woman who is also attempting to get into shape and has also been working hard. She tells us that she would like to loose 150 pounds. I think that is such a great goal and I am so happy for her. As we exchange work out stories she always is very critical and sometimes down right rude stating that I don't know what is like to work out and feel the way she does because "I've always been small". I would strongly disagree with that statement for so many reasons but one in particular- I work my ASS off at the gym and I have worked out so hard I have passed out and thrown up and everything else you can imagine. I do know what its like to feel like that. It really hurts my feelings to feel so discounted and brushed off just because my weight loss need is a lower number than hers.  I feel just as unhappy where I am - as she does where she's at.

I realize that in the end it doesn't really matter what she thinks or says it really only matters how I feel and what I think and what I do. I just hate the misconception that smaller people don't know what its like to work hard to loose weight and  that small people just loose weight so easily. Its not true- at least for me. I work and sweat and spend many hours working for every calorie I burn. So, before you brush someone aside or discount their struggle maybe stop and realize that you might not know whats going on with them- and that assumptions are just that.

I am so happy for the woman I work with and I hope she continues to experience success and that she achieves every goal she sets for herself.


I know I have talked about my obsession with PICNIK in the past but I seriously love it. Yesterday after I stole those pictures of Sam from hyperlite I headed straight over to the to edit them. I am so THRILLED with how they turned out. I cannot wait to print them and hang them up in our house.

I'm thinking they would look really cool in the Man's room. Hopefully they print as well as they look on the computer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sam and Wakeboarding-- One in the same

This year Sam has really been getting into wakeboard comps. He has gone to almost everyone one and has loved competing and meeting a bunch of new people. Because of our crazy schedule and my crazy running schedule I haven't been able to go yet but I am literally counting down until his next one when I get to go. This will be his first time competing in the Outlaw division and I think he is a little bit nervous.

I love that he is really pushing himself and trying to improve this year. When we go to the comps we have a hard time picking Sam out because all the guys there look exactly the same- its pretty funny and totally Sam's scene. I am so proud of him and I so excited to go watch! Watch out other other outlaw riders-- Sam's coming! :)

P. S. I stole this from the Hyperlite website-- Its not stealing if its a picture of you right??

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The more I work with people- the more I realize I don't like people

If it isn't completely obvious from the title-- I have been going through a rough patch- professionally. I feel like different people have different perspectives on things- and the differences don't make one right and one wrong-- they're just different. I have the hardest time when people have to have a right and a wrong-- its one or the other. I feel like that is so simple minded and almost arrogant. I wish I could just yell and say " Just because I think differently than you, doesn't mean I am wrong and you are right-- its just different. You are not any better, and I am not any worse for having a different opinion!"

My other complaint is when people are caddy-  I just don't like when people are mean just to be mean. Its just stupid and it bugs me even more when its adults that know better and that you know teach their children better but for some reason they think they are the exception. Its so frustration when you have to interact with people that just create and thrive on negativity.

I honestly have started to feel bad for people that are just so negative. They must have a really miserable life if they feel the need to bring everyone else down around them. How awful a life like that must be.

Ok I'm done. :)

I have a problem.

Its bad. I literally got back from New York a week ago and what did I do today???? SHOPPED FOR TRIPS TO HAWAII AND THE CARIBBEAN!! Ahhhhhh! I can't afford this awful habit. Sam would have a straight up heart attack if he knew what I was doing, but there really is such great deals right now! I need to find someone who will pay me to take really adventurous trips... let me know if you find anything like that. Until then I will secretly continue my vacation shopping- unless I find something that's REALLY good then-- I may just have to book it and deal with the Sam's heart attack after- Better to ask for forgiveness than permission if you ask me!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New York July 2011--- The full story

I have been so lucky to be able to go see New York so much and even more lucky that last week I got to go back again for my second time this year. My sister Ash is living back there for the summer and Kate and I couldn't miss the chance to go back and play and visit. We had a really hard time finding flights and hotel that wasn't absolutely outrageous, but finally after many hours of searching we found a reasonable hotel and a reasonable flight-- not our ideal non stop flight, but at least it got us there.

We left for NYC on Thursday night, out flight actually left on Friday morning at 1. We flew from Vegas to Minnesota then to Newark. We had never flown into Newark, but we were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to hope on a train and head straight to Penn Station in Manhattan. -- and for the two of us it was much cheaper. When we got to Penn Station we met Ash. I was SOOOO excited to see her. We ran and hugged, it was just like the movies :)... Kate and I were so exhausted from traveling all night but we managed to lug out luggage up and down like 6 flights of stairs from the subway to Ash's apartment. We got to the apartment and instantly started sweating! It was SO HOT and HUMID!! I did not plan for things to be that hot-- I brought 2 sweatshirts if thats any indication what I was thinking it would be.

Ash's apartment was adorable though. We got re-ready for the day though and headed out. Ash's roommate came with us to have some adventures. First we walked and saw the cutest park right by their house called Riverside Park. I LOVED IT! All the buildings were so fun and the area seems really cute. Then we started to get really hungry so we headed down to a place called Melt to get some lunch. They only thing they serve is grilled cheese and it was delicious! Maybe we were just really hungry though. After that the next few minutes really just defined how the trip would go from there-- we went and got a cupcake and headed to a candy store called Dylan's Candy Bar. It was my dream come true. Literally thousands of treats everywhere-- it was like a modern day Willy Wonka Factory! I was in HEAVEN! I was also very happy because we had Sprinkles Cupcakes and mine had an edible Yankees logo on it! How cool is that! I also bought a Yankees candy bar at Dylans! Candy and the Yankees!! Perfection!

After our eating adventures we needed to get some new Yankee gear so we headed to some stores to find our new stuff. Kate found some Yankee tattoos and we were SO excited! We headed back to Ash's apartment to get ready for our Yankee game. Derek Jeter was suppose to hit his 3000th hit at our game so we were so excited to get there. While we were on the train headed to the Bronx we got word that the game had been CANCELLED because of rain!!! We were soooo bummed!!! Since we had planned on going to the game we really didn't have anything else to do so we went and found a something to eat again. We ate at this restaurant called Patsy's. It was pretty fancy Italian food and we were in all of our Yankee gear.... and wet because of the rain. It was a little embarrassing, but all of the guys in the restaurant were yelling at us asking about the game.. so I guess no body minded. After that we were pretty beat-- especially considering that Kate and I hadn't slept in two days, so we headed back to Ash's place to crash. Her roommate was so nice and let me sleep in her bed while she slept in another room.

The next day we wanted to go to the beach but we really wanted to watch Jeter get his 3000th hit, so we got in our beach gear and headed to the Bronx to see if we could exchange our cancelled game tickets for another game. After we waited in line for 2 HOURS we found out we couldn't tickets!! Such a bummer!! Well by this time the game had started and Jeter had already hit once and only needed one more hit, we couldn't possibly leave Yankee Stadium right now, so we walked over to the Hard Rock that is connected to the Stadium and watch him hit number 3000, a HOME RUN!!!! It was so fun to be there!!

After the excitement died down we left and headed to Cooney Island. It was a pretty long train ride but once we got there I was happy we made the trip. It was so fun! It was exactly like you imagine it to be. The carnival and the boardwalk and then the sandy beach right there! There were people selling cottoncandy and treats and the funniest thing I saw was people selling mangos on a stick. They would peel the mango and then cut it so it looked like a flower and people would just chew it right off the stick. It looked really good and was so cool to watch. We walked down the beach and put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean! Whooo Hooo... I don't think I have ever done that before. Check done! We roamed around there for a little while and then headed back into the city. After we checked into our hotel and showered up we headed down to the Chelsea Pier. On our way there we stopped at the doughnut shop called Plant Donuts... it was really cute and doughnuts on the walls. On our way to the pier where we were going to meet up with our cousin Matt-- we ran into him on the street! How crazy! We decided to go walk in this park that was on the way- it was really different because its up on some old railroad tracks and is like a walking path-- I can't remember the name of it, but it was really fun to be up there. Then we headed to the pier where we hit some golf balls. The driving range was like 4 levels and looked out onto the Hudson. It was so fun!! I am not good at hitting but it was fun to try.

After we hit we headed to Artichoke Pizza. We got a little turned around for a minute but we found it and it was absolutely DELICIOUS!! I LOVED IT!! We sat by this cute little grassy area and ate it, it was really late so we could just see the lights an a little bit of the Hudson. I loved that!

The next day was Sunday so we got up and got ready and went to church... shocker I know. We never go to church on vacation, but because it was Ash's ward we went. After church we headed over to Central Park to try to get tickets to Shakespeare in the Park, after RUNNING to the park we found out that they did not have a show that night. So, we stopped and got a Popsicle on the way out of the park to help cool us off.. We had decided we wanted to go to Shake Shack, which was down by our hotel so we went back to the hotel and changed and then headed down to get a burger and a shake. On our way we saw the theater for Chicago, so we decided to stop and just see if we could get tickets to the show, it turned out WE COULD, and for a really reasonably price too!!

We were so excited! We headed down to get out shakes and burgers, which was pretty good too-- it was not Burger Place but still really good. After that we headed over to walk the BROOKLYN BRIDGE! It was so amazing!!! It was really hot and really humid but it was so fun to be there, I think I would love running on that if I lived there. It was such an amazing view and so cool to be able to walk on it, and while we were walking we saw someone get ENGAGED!! It was really sweet! I was so hot and tired, but I trooped it out and got back! After that we needed to freshen up for our play. The play was a little different and a little scandalous, but really good. The lead girl looked like Brooke! It was so funny to watch and listen to her and just think it was Brooke the whole time. We had made reservations at this restaurant that is FAMOUS for their chocolate desserts. We shared the dinner part then we ordered chocolate fondue! AMAZING! I will definitely go back there it was so good and the atmosphere was so cool! After that we walked around for a little while and found the cafe place where Meg Ryan goes in the movie You've Got Mail! It was so cute and fun!

The next day we tried to go to Shakespeare in the Park again, but the line was SOOO long there is no way we could get a ticket, bummer. So we headed to get some Grays Papaya! Best and cheapest hot dogs you've ever had! One of the coolest things we did on Monday was stop by the Harry Potter premiere! It was SOOO crazy!!! We saw the actor that plays Draco Malfoy get out of his car and wave to everyone. People were crazy and it really was just madness! But so much fun! We wanted to go get out Italian fix in so we headed to Little Italy for dinner and ate as some little restaurant down there- it wasn't great- but it was horrible either. I was kind of bummed though because last time we had really good Italian food. Tuesday evening we headed down to downtown and rode the Staten Island Ferry! I would highly recommend riding that if you want to see the Statute of Liberty but you don't want to pay for the ticket.... free and just as good of a view... we rode it there- got off then hoped right back on. Amazing!

On Tuesday we tried to wrap up all of our shopping. We went back to Dylan's Candy Bar and Sprinkles. Then we stopped by H&M -- where I got the cutest floral skirt that I just love! Then we went to SoHo an shopped around a little more. The only thing I bought down on Canal street was some I heart NYC shirt.... I LOVE to workout in them... and they are so cheap its perfect. It was so much fun to see the city with Ash and to know all the fun places to go. I am so jealous that she got to spend the whole summer there! Lucky Girl!

Other things about the trip:
It was literally as hot as hell the whole time
Our hotel staff was so mean-- it was awful!
I spent most of my money at Dylan's Candy Store--- and I would do it again!
We ate more than anyone should- and loved every minute of it!
Our hotel was right next to an adult book store--- it was awful... and of course that's where I book our hotel.
I have officially been to New Jersey-- and I will be checking it off my bucket list
I didn't realize how much I missed Ash--- or maybe I did which made seeing her even better!
I remembered why I love traveling with my sisters so much- we totally think the same
I feel like I need a couple days to recover
We stayed in Vegas the night we got back for $13 --- I know right--- and our room was like 3 times the size of our New York room.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Bryce Half

On Saturday Kate, Mom, Ron, and me ran the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon. It was so much fun! We have never run with Ron before and it was really fun to spend time with him and enjoy running together. The race was really beautiful and we felt really good most of the time. I was happy because this was my fastest half marathon! 2 hrs 20 minutes 11 seconds! I know I could go faster an hopefully next year I can beat that time. What a fun run!

Friday, July 15, 2011

New York

I am so lucky that I got to go spend 5 whole days in New York with Ash and Kate. When I have more time I will sit down and write a more detailed description of what we did but I figured I needed to write something down for now.

We had such a fun time and we literally ran the whole time we were there --- which is not typical for us-- we are way more relaxed travelers than that. It was so fun to see way more authentic New York -- not just all the tourist areas. Some of my favorites things were-- Dylan's Candy Bar, Artichoke Pizza, The Brooklyn Bridge, being at Yankee Stadium when Jeter hit number 3000, and The Harry Potter Premiere. It was so nice to have Ash who knew where to go and how to get there- we never felt lost at all-- probably because we never got lost.

I have only had a chance to edit one photo so far-- but its my favorite:

There will be more to come :)