Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our little dog

I am seriously obsessed with our dog Gator. He is the best little thing ever. I feel like he is my little kid and I just love it. I always said I would never be one of those weird dog people, but I can admit it now, I totally am. I just love him. He has so much personality and he just makes me laugh all the time. He is on of my favorite running partners, and I love to see him waiting for me in the kitchen when I get home. Dogs seriously are the best companion. As I have studied psychology more in depth this semester, I don't feel as bad about being so obsessed with my dog. Dogs and pets in general are a good coping tool for people. They are also really good for people to learn how to care for something, they help people feel less depressed and they create as sense of belonging. So, my excuse for being so in love with my dog is that its good for my mental health. Bear with me while I share some pictures of my alternative therapy... its either this or many years of counseling :)

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