Sunday, February 12, 2012

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So I always say this but I really am going to try harder to keep this blog updated. I always love to go back and look at it, so I just need to stay on top of it. So, the new plan is try to to post every Sunday. Hopefully I can stay on top of it-- we'll see.

Lately thing have just been pretty busy. I have started school again full time and it is quite the adjustment from work full time. I really like school and I like to learn but I really miss my old paycheck. I really don't have too long left though and then I can get back to my normal income. I am studying psychology and I will hopefully have my bachelors done in less than a year ( I guess they aren't going to be offering any upper division classes in the summer, and if thats the case it will take me a little longer than anticipated) I am not for sure on what I want to do with that, my main goal has really only been to get a bachelors degree. I have been thinking about going to nursing school. I am not really sure if thats something I would like, but I feel like my personal injury background would really be an asset to me. We'll see though, first step is bachelors.

While I am in school I am working a few different places. I started working a the Southwest Center, which is a behavioral health center. I work with the youth. It is a really good job to have while I am in school for a number of reasons. Number one, I am studying psychology and we have two psychologists on our floor, and a number of LCSW's, so I get a good idea of what this side of things entails if I choose to go that direction. Number two, the work is really easy and doesn't take a lot of brain power which is nice after packing my brain full of information at school. Number three its giving my medical office experience. I have wanted to work in a medical office but never really had any experience, this will be nice to have if something else ever opens up. And number 4 the hours are great for school. I am also still working at the law office a little bit, my goal has been to get there 10 hours a week, last week I got 9... so I am getting closer than the 5 hours I have been averaging. I like it because I can go when I have time and I like the work... its my comfort work. I know it, I can do it, and I know I am good at it. There is something so nice about working somewhere and knowing exactly what to do and how to do it... you don't have too many questions you just come in and get it done.

Sam's doing is same old thing.... Working.. sleeping, eating. :) We just starting going back to the gym and got a gym membership together. We like to go right after work. We both say how good it feels to get back into the swing of things and to get back into shape. We love to go sit in the sauna after too, its so relaxing. Sam is a pretty serious worker outter though. He has no happy medium.. its all or nothing, and when I say all... I mean all the time and intense. I guess thats why he looses weight so much faster than me. He loves it though and its really good for him, so no complaints here.

We have been slowly working on our house. The next big step will be the back yard. Sam got everything ready to put grass in, now we just need grass. I am thrilled to death! I am excited to be able to sit on the back patio and eat meals. I love outdoor living. I hope we have all the backyard landscaping done by April or May.

Then for the bigger news, we have decided to put our house up for sale in July! Crazy huh! We have lived here for three years and we are ready for something a little newer and closer to my parents. I am in the process of de-personalizing our house... neutrals on the walls... etc. It has actually been pretty fun and I don't hate the neutral colors like I thought I would. I have quite a bit left to do, but I am getting started. July will be here before you know it. Is it weird that I am more worried about selling our house than I was about buying it? I just feel like so many more things can go wrong. I feel like we have a lot invested in this house and I am scared people aren't going to like it, or that we will end up having to pay something.. etc... so wish us luck and let me know if you know someone looking.

Valentines Day is coming up soon. I have mixed feelings about Valentines. I love the concept of letting people you love know that you love them, and making sure there is some specific time set apart of that, but how come it takes a holiday sometimes for us to show love? I wish that people sent flowers just because its Tuesday, or wrote a nice card just because its Thursday, or went out to a nice dinner just because its Wednesday?? You know what I mean. I think that we sometimes forget to show love on a daily basis, I love that there is a holiday to remind us though. I have been trying hard to do nice things, just for nice sake. I know I need to do better, but I'm a work in progress. So Happy Valentines...  I hope that everyone gets to spend time with someone they love! I am lucky to have so many Valentines in my life, why have just one when there are so many people that I love!

This last week on February 10th Sam's family celebrated a holiday they call "Ricky Day" its the anniversary of his dad's passing. His family is so cute and every year they go get a Lime Ricky to celebrate and remember Ricky. I love that! I love that, that day is a time when they all come together and do something as a family and remember all the great things about their dad. I feel so lucky to be apart of the Weldin/Gibson family. Sam's sisters and family are some of the sweetest most considerate people I know. I am sad that I never got to meet the late great Ricky Weldin, but if his family is any indication of who he was, I truly missed out on a great man. Even though I never met you, Ricky, I am glad that I get to share your family! Til we meet.

 Thats pretty much whats been going on at the Weldin house this week. Hopefully I can stay on top of this blog and enjoy it for years to come!
Much Love!

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