Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Feb 26, 2012

This past week has been a little hectic. We got back from Florida on Monday, well technically Tuesday morning early and I have been playing catch up ever since. School is pretty busy right now, it seems like all of my teachers plan tests and projects at the same time, so I go from fairly easy to a lot of work in just a week or two. I still like it though, and I am really glad that I get to go to school right now. I feel very blessed to have that opportunity.

This week I had a chance to get together with my friends, a few times, which is pretty rare. It seems like I don’t really get to see them that much because we all have such crazy busy lives, but I really am so glad when we get together. I have some of the best friends. I think its really incredible that even though we are all in such different places and doing such different things, we really have stayed good friends. I know not a lot of people still talk to their high school friends, much less hang out with them so I feel so lucky to be so close to my friends still and to be able to get together, even if its just once a month. Friends really are so much fun. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking that I want to be social and to hang out, but I am always glad when I am.

I am so lucky that my birthday celebrations have just continued, it really turned into birthday week for me (which I LOVE). The law office friends surprised me on Friday with a birthday party. It was so sweet of them. They are so thoughtful and kind to remember me and to help make me feel special. It really was such a pleasant surprise. Then on Saturday we did a little celebration with my family and my mom and my sisters and my nieces gave me some really thoughtful sweet cards. Then today (Sunday) we celebrated with Sam’s family. It was really so sweet of everyone to help make me feel so loved and important for my birthday. I am really such a lucky girl to be surrounded by so many kind and thoughtful people.

This past Saturday(the 25th) was my Grandpa Dee’s passing anniversary… I think he has been gone something 13 years. That seems crazy to me. In a bizarre twist of events, Friday, my mom’s aunt Annie passed away. On my mom’s side of the family there is a really weird connection to February 25th ( and surrounding days) so many people have passed away on that day. But when I think back to my Grandpa Mack I have very fond memories. He was so kind and sweet, and worked so hard. I remember always looking forward to seeing him and loving to go to the horse races. I always wanted to be the one to wear his cowboy hat when he switched to a baseball hat. He was such a great man. I really wish that I would have got to know him as a adult. I feel like as I get older I learn to appreciate thing about my parents and my grandma that I never noticed as a child. It’s interesting what kind of perspective you get the older you get. I guess that something to look forward to.

Sam and I have been so lucky to be able to teach primary. We just love our class and have loved all of the classes we have taught. This Sunday my mom, McKall, Jentrie, Staelie, and Stockden all came to our ward because my mom needed to leave town as early as she could to go to Annie’s funeral. I was thrilled to have them. Because my class is so small normally it was fun to have all of them in there with us. They are so sweet and so smart. They know so much about the gospel. We really had so much fun. The lesson was about Heavenly Father watching over us, so I had found a cute idea to make glasses out of pipe cleaners to help the kids remember Heavenly Father is “watching” them. There turned out so cute. I just had to take some pictures.

After church we Sam and I love to take Gator on the trails or to the park. The weather has been so beautiful here that we just can’t but be outside as much as possible. Here are a few pictures from today

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